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Training on Water

Posted by on January 16, 2015

You can be a diehard basketball player and spectator fan, but there are times when the draw of watersports is irresistible. Whether you are hearing or deaf, the world of kayaking, snorkeling, or even scuba is open to you. Any time of year, but especially summer, is a good time to take a break from hoops and try something new and challenging.

Most water sports are family activities and suitable for groups of friends. The camaraderie reaches beyond the activities themselves to enrich one’s personal life. As with team endeavors, water sports are socially enriching. Plus, they are also a great way to keep in shape in the off season to be ready for the arena come fall.

Each water sport trains the participant in a particular skill, whether it is manning the oars, riding the rapids, learning to breathe underwater, or swim like a fish. If you have not tried this open-ended world, start listening to friends and neighbors. No doubt they will advocate their favorite pastime. Let them take you by the hand with their enthusiasm and energy. Don’t let preconceptions limit your horizon.

Basketball players are a distinct breed to be sure. They are often on the taller and don’t like diving or sports that require a more compact physique like gymnastics. However, they can have a mighty long crawl stroke! Their long legs may cramp in an inflatable kayak, but they will excel on a wakeboard where they can rise to their full length. I think trying everything at least once is the best way to go as exceptions in watersports are definitely the rule. It is a social choice and a matter of recreational preference. Do you love exploring reefs alone or in groups, deep sea fishing on a rented boat, or water skiing with your buds? Is your balance your best asset or your worst? Do rivers beckon you with the sounds of their swirling rock-lined streams? Or do you crave the vast open emptiness of the ocean?

There are so many ways to enjoy the water if you don’t want to get too physical. You can sail or use a motor boat for quick day excursions. You can explore island paths or attempt lakeside hikes. Sports like snorkeling take some specific training and advance preparation to master the gear. Wakeboarding involves a lot of edging technique and moves with great sounding names like Moby Dick, Whirlybird, Rocket Air, Bunny Hop, and Canadian Bacon. Practice makes perfect when it comes to water skiing, kayaking, rafting, and surfing.

In sum, training on the water is not out of the realm of possibilities for basketball players even though the venues are way beyond the comfort zone for many. This is as good a reason as any for undertaking a few of them. The positive feeling of overcoming the odds will find its way into your main game soon enough. Getting a good dose of vitamin D is always a big plus as well. Water sports are invigorating, fun, and suitable for all ages. It’s time to select your next adventure.