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Sports and Weight

Posted by on October 24, 2014

Most professional basketball players are certainly tall. Everyone can see that. They are often lanky with long legs, as if they were walking on stilts, letting them soar to great heights when the right time comes to make the perfect basket. Hoops is a fast game for the agile. Their jumping has to transcend the norm. Laggards never make it on the team. This means overweight bodies are to be avoided at all costs. However, some bulk and muscle is needed to play defense and strong offense. Professional players manage their weight very carefully using accurate digital scales and body fat analyzer devices.

Since height helps, I doubt whether the locker room scales get much use in amateur circles. This is certainly not the case at the boxing gym. Those scales come in very handy before bouts to make sure that every contender is safely within the prescribed zone of competition. You can be too fat in either of these endeavors. Ali was pure unadulterated muscle.

If you lean naturally to the plumper side, wrestling may be the right sport for you. A lot of weight can be an asset and I am sure that the champions do not turn away food at any time. With their enormous heft, they look like they indulge every craving. Every athlete needs to eat well to have enough energy to perform, but some sports take more calories to provide the perfect boost at crunch time.

Runners are thin as reeds. Milers and long-distance participants alike burn fat with every lengthy step. You have to stay thin to move like the wind, but then again you don’t want to get blown away metaphorically. Muscles are long and lean like those of dancers. The latter, by the way, although really performers, are athletes of the highest caliber. There is not an ounce of body fat anywhere to be seen (and in their outfits, you see it all). Male ballet dancers have to lift the ladies. They are perhaps light on their feet, but pound per pound based on their dense muscle weight, they are not easy to throw around. All kinds of tricks of the trade are used to balance them.

Soccer players seem to be average in size, but when it comes to baseball and football, they seem to pork up. Football most of all, considering the girth of tackles and ends. Okay, the quarterback has to move with weightless speed, but many other team members use pure bulk to achieve their goals. I think weight also does not impede hockey players. The heftiest of them can glide like figure and speed skaters.

Unconsciously, people take up a sport that suits their body type. If they are a diehard wannabe, they will get in the right shape for their first choice. If they don’t fit the image, they may have to make concessions. It seems to come down to a mixture of genetics and will power. Minding what you eat and how it affects your weight, good and bad, is the key. Some puny guys actually need to pack on the pounds to compete. It isn’t a strict science. Find out the guidelines for your sport, match your height and age, and see what is ideal. Set a timetable to get there, and go out and fight!