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Indoor and Outdoor Basketball and My Friend Sam

Posted by on June 29, 2020

The feeling of playing basketball outdoors and indoors is completely different for me.

Outdoors, I can feel the refreshing breeze and sense the firm surface of the concrete under my feet. The shoes provide me with a certain amount of cushion although bumping up and down on the rigid surface makes my knees and ankles hurt. It’s funny how long I needed to understand the significance of good basketball shoes. Finally, I found shoes that I really enjoy. They have the perfect balance of cushion, traction, and support. They are the Jordan brand, after all. The colors are black and white with red stitches on the side, the materials pretty average, but they are by far my favorite shoes. Enough with the shoes! My point is something else entirely!

When playing outside, I can feel the people passing by and eye glimpsing the game. I do understand the curiosity. I am similar. I always look when somebody is playing sports. I like the carelessness and the challenge that sports provide, but mostly I like the body language spoken through the movements. When you play basketball with somebody you know, it’s like having a wonderful conversation. Not everybody likes being watched though. Some people’s game is different when they play outdoors in front of others and when they play indoors where nobody is watching. A typical example, my friend Sam.

Sometimes my crew and I play basketball in a sports hall close to our old high school. The hall is brand new with wonderful equipment, good overall infrastructure, and by far my favorite, brilliant – wooden floor. Remember my shoes? 🙂 The traction of my shoes on that wooden floor is just superb. Besides this wonderful floor, the hall has small but well-placed side grandstands. The corridors of this facility are also equipped with big machines on which I sometimes put my hand and feel the airflow. Apparently these machines are purifiers and humidifiers per

My friend Sam likes this hall a lot. Unlike me, he doesn’t enjoy people’s attention, which is why we play every Sunday at 9 pm when nobody is watching. He is a very good basketball player. Taller than me, but slower and a bit phlegmatic. Our game is based on pick and roll. He sets the screen, I dribble, then I provide him with the ball, and he scores. Easy, right? Well, only indoors. Sam doesn’t enjoy playing outdoors. He says, people watching makes him feel like he needs to perform to the maximum and puts a competitive pressure on him that he doesn’t like. Although I don’t feel the same, I understand his feelings, but all I want is to be able to enjoy our basketball sessions with Sam outdoors as I do indoors. Is that too much to ask?