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Homemade Defense

Posted by on August 11, 2017

Being deaf doesn’t have to be a detriment in any way, shape or form in living a normal life, but there are a few instances when you might feel vulnerable. When out a night, you can’t hear footfalls and you might be surprised to encounter someone threatening lurking in the bushes. You might not be ready to retaliate in the event of an attack as you have to wait perhaps longer than usual to be sure of the situation. I bring up this subject because I went to a class in self-defense for the deaf. Safety is important to all of us and the same principles apply to everyone. One of the most common strategies is to use pepper spray. You must have heard of products like mace and have wondered what they do and how to use them. It is certainly no mystery. From a reasonable distance of up to five feet, you press the activation button and your assailant becomes immobilized for up to forty-five minutes. Depending upon the ingredients, his eyes and nose will burn first and foremost.

As part of the course, we learned how to make our own pepper spray so we would understand how simple the process is. You can make something on your own that rivals most professional brands. I think the instructor did it to draw attention to its usefulness, although I might just keep it on hand in its own spray gun. If you are so inclined to address homemade self-defense, go out and buy some black pepper and chili peppers. You no doubt have some oil on hand. It calls for a couple of days to marinate before filling a push sprayer. You can read more at This is my preferred method of scaring off aggressors. It sure beats using a gun. You should test your sprayer to be sure it works from a long distance or you will have to rely on close proximity. This is better than nothing, but if you can find a good one, by all means buy it. Of course, it should be refillable and easy to clean. Test your mixture with an old plastic hair spray container after washing it well.

One recipe we learned is to simmer a cup of water in a pot and add two tablespoons of cayenne and pepper flakes (about ¼ cup). You let it simmer for twenty-five to thirty minutes so take your time. After filling your receptacle, throw away your concoction so no one mistakes it for soup. It would make for a funny video to upload to Facebook though… Ha!

Another method is to buy black pepper essential oil which is more expensive. You use about twenty drops in 10ml of water. You then add alcohol and/or chili tincture. This sounds very professional and likely to be effective. I hate the idea of trying it on a friend. Store bought products are of course tested.

It was fun to execute this project but we stopped there. No one volunteered to be sprayed.