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Getting Your Child into Basketball and Other Sports

Posted by on September 11, 2014

Parents of deaf children know that nothing is out of their range of possibility. A few adaptations in school, and they can perform as well as any hearing student. Higher education and just about any career is open to them. TV shows like Switched at Birth have done a lot to promote this fact. It has been great public relations for integrated education and sports.

Sports are more and more important for boys and girls, especially in light of the growing statistics on fatty diets and obesity, not to mention diabetes in the young. You can’t start your kids too soon. The smallest toddlers do gymnastics, dancing, and various games with balls. Starting at home, they go on to preschool and elementary school programs, thus developing the skill for their later years. There are many deaf programs that appeal to children and teens and speak to their special needs.

Camps are a wonderful option for day or weekly options. In addition to specific sports like basketball, kids can learn arts and crafts, animal husbandry, and team activities. Swimming is most popular in the summer, but some offer boating, archery, and more. Physical education is primary and a focused experience can often set off a lifetime of enjoyable practice.

Kids don’t need to leave home however. Public and private schools have their own programs afterschool or at vacation time. Sports once again win the vote of the young. They may already have a favorite or want to learn a new game. Having a participating peer group with captive attention is the attraction. Parents can turn over their children to trained professionals who know just how to organize activities and keep kids in line. It is a great way to learn how to go along with rules willingly and to respect authority—a great lesson for adult life!

Hearing challenged children can seek the help of Deaf Sports Australia to find specific available programs they sponsor for their age and skill level. Specialization includes colored balls, readily available interpreters, and assorted signs and signals unique to a given sport. For basketball, Deaf Basketball Australia, for example, points the way to a multitude of opportunities and helps to combat the general lack of athletic endeavors and poor role models in mainstream schools. Deaf children need specialist support and can find it with ease.

Among sports for the deaf, basketball is becoming increasingly popular. Sign language is primary as one might expect along with facial expressions and related signals. Good team camaraderie will smooth out playing skills as players come to know each other’s strengths and weaknesses. Kids learn invaluable lessons in team participation and ethics along with rules and regulations. Playing later on a hearing team is not out of the question.

There are many state-affiliated organizations in Australia and the website for basketball reveals events and programs for children in particular. They are top priority as witnessed by Aussie Hoops. The health and social benefits cannot be surpassed in the formation of youth education.